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Jaimie Cahlil – 2016


Assuming you are here because you are searching for a very well-experienced counsellor or psychotherapist able to help you with whatever you wish to ease or resolve, in whatever way is most effective for you, then Jaimie Cahlil may be the therapist for You.

AND IF NEW TO THERAPY…I certainly don’t make it mysterious. Ask…and I wll explain!


If you are considering some kind of psychological therapy (mine is transpersonal and integrative), be it issue-and-resolution-based counselling or the deeper-wider thoroughly explorative process of psychotherapy, unless you’ve been here before, this will be unfamiliar territory. If so, I invite you bear in mind the potential therapy offers is anything from something relatively brief and pragmatic …to a profoundly experiential transformative journey within your being or psyche. Either way – whether counselling or psychotherapy (or combination) or even creative expression – therapy can be truly awakening and healingful…as an explorative process which doesn’t limit you to acknowledging difficult feelings and/or unhelpful thinking, identifying options and translating choice into action… More than that, therapy offers the opportunity to develop/deepen awareness, self-acceptance, inner strength and empowerment, confidence and ease, meaningfulness and purpose, and a sense of deep well-being – or feeling ‘at home’ with yourself = an investment in real quality of life!


If you what you require is simply brief therapeutic support & guidance combined with the opportunity to try out strategies to test their effectiveness for managing or resolving difficulties arising in the present time, then therapy for you may be fairly brief. ‘Counselling’ is a term commonly used when referring to a process which helps you change what isn’t working for you or within you, assisting you in uncovering your own ‘right’ answers …as you find your own ‘right’ way.


If you require and feel ready for a thorough deeply engaging experience (which includes a ‘counselling’ type of approach where needed), then you are choosing ‘psychotherapy’, a necessarily longer process. Psychotherapy is designed to explore, where helpful, the ‘roots’ of any problem, conflict or longing in the ground of your being…plus the ‘branches’ or main themes…and naturally, too, the expressive ‘foliage’ of whatever surfaces in the present. Such therapy is many-layered and deeply-reaching – as in the ‘transpersonal’ self and beyond, and is frequently experienced as a profoundly rewarding process of gradual integration and subtle transformation: an invaluable ‘life investment’, in very real terms!


You may be interested in exploring an alternative and flexible way of engaging in the process of psychotherapy – through creatively expressive activities such as drawing, painting, clay-modelling, movement, sound, etc (without excluding the spoken word). As a psychotherapist who originally trained in fine art, though not in art therapy, this is what I refer to and offer as  ‘Creative Expression’. (See my art focused website: http://www.cahlil-art.co.uk)


My own Transpersonal-Integrative approach has been developed to consider you, as you are, in the entirety of your own being: physical presence – emotional feelings – rational thinking – intuitive mind – deepest self or ‘soul’ – and profoundly ‘beyond’. Our therapeutic working relationship will be at the core of the therapeutic process. My approach is grounded in a synthesis of concepts and practices from various long-established psychological traditions – which include the ancient down-to-earth ‘spiritual’ practice of meditation and mindfulness – and from personal experience of life itself. Therapy is set up to hold you in your process while guiding you in developing clarity and inner strength, and all levels of awareness… as your relationship with your self – your constant life companion – becomes increasingly nourishing and empowering for you.

Insights and information from counsellor and psychotherapist,
Jaimie Cahlil